Park Rules

Users of Pine Hill Park do so at their own risk.

The park is open for day use only. No camp­ing. No fires.

Keep the park clean and beautiful. Pack out what you pack in. DON’T LITTER!

Some trails are pedestrian use only, or may be closed due to wet conditions, etc. PLEASE OBEY POSTED RESTRICTIONS ON TRAIL USE.

Please park in the designated area at Giorgetti Park.

Dogs must be on leash at all times.

Please stay on blazed trails. Respect private landowners property.

Any work on trails must be approved and supervised by Rutland Recreation and Pine Hill Partnership. Please see our Trail Building Policy page for more details.

Disruptive behavior is prohibited.

Disturbing, removing, defacing, cutting or damaging plants, animals or man-made features in the park is prohibited

Discharge of firearms, bow and arrows, paint­ball guns or fireworks is prohibited in the park. NO HUNTING IN THE PARK.

Pine Hill is a city park and there is no smoking allowed in any city park including Pine Hill and Giorgetti.