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The Pine Hill Partnership is a non-profit volunteer organization formed in 2006 to build and maintain trails in the Rutland, Vermont, region. Pine Hill Partnership currently maintains trails in three adjacent systems: Pine Hill Park, the Carriage Trail, and the Redfield Trails.

All members receive a cool new sticker to place proudly on their bike, or car, or cat, or wherever!

We have three membership levels:

Tinman: $30 annually

Trail Blazer: $60 annually—Includes a Pine Hill Park member’s t-shirt

Rock Star: $90 annually — Includes two member’s t-shirts of your choice

For your Trail Blazer donation of $60.00 or more, you will receive a very cool looking Pine Hill Partnership 100% cotton t-shirt and a one year membership in the Pine Hill Partnership. Sign up for a Trail Blazer Membership today!

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We are advocates for the creation and maintenance of open, multi-use, trail networks in the greater Rutland region.  We believe that it’s important to build and preserve these trail networks and we believe that it is important for the residents of the Rutland area to have access to healthy outdoor activities and adventures.

  • Working with the Rutland Recreation Department and the City of Rutland — which owns Pine Hill Park — the Pine Hill Partnership has transformed the park from a lightly used wooded lot to the vibrant city park it is today.
  • Thanks to the Pine Hill Partnership, the park is now laced with more than 18 miles of multi-use trails that link to other trails outside the park. Every year, the Partnership coordinates hundreds of volunteers to build the flowy single-track trails and bridges through the difficult and rocky terrain in the park and to rake, lug rocks and dirt, etc., to maintain the trails.
  • The Pine Hill Partnership provides many of the tools used to maintain the trail system and build new trails.
  • Pine Hill Partnership obtained landowner permission from several owners to re-establish the Carriage Trail connecting Rutland and Proctor. The trail roughly follows the route of an 1800’s wagon road. The Carriage Trail opened in 2014.
  • Pine Hill Partnership was approached by a landowner adjacent to Pine Hill Park and asked the Partnership to oversee the public use of the Redfield Trail system. The Redfield Trails opened to the public in 2015.
  • The Pine Hill Partnership provides users with maps of Pine Hill Park, the Carriage Trail, and the Redfield Trails.

Why join Pine Hill Partnership?

Every week, thousands of people come to Pine Hill Park in Rutland to hike, walk, mountain bike the many miles of trails created by volunteers. With such heavy trail use, the system requires regular maintenance and upgrades. Membership money and funds raised by the Pine Hill Partnership are used to purchase new material (gravel, wood for bridges, signs, etc.) and trail-building tools, as well as to promote the park. Pine Hill Partnership members help create the trails and keep them in good shape for everyone to enjoy!